Alfa Romeo Center Cluster Won’t Turn On

I had a lovely surprise when I started my car up to go home from the gym, the center cluster on my 2018 Alpha Romeo Gulia was completely black …. Lovely 

I searched onlie on various Alpha Romeo forums and finally found the solution that worked for now. With that being said, it is recommended you take your Alpha in to the delaership and get a software update. Apparently thi sis a known issue and fixes the dark screen.

The steps I took to get my center cluster to turn on (for now):

• Close door, press start but don’t turn on the car

• Then press start again with the door still closed

• Open door then press start

• Press start again withteh door still open.


• Do this about 2 times and it should work. (door closed press 2x, door open press 2x)


No clue why this works or for how long but it works for now

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