I never thought after playing rugby for 12 years or racing my bicycle for 15 years that I would find the most satisfaction writing articles about soccer, but that is the case. I love it!
I write for two Manchester United fansites, The Busby Babe & Stretty News. Additionally, I write for the local MLS Minnesota United fansite called E Pluribus Loonum. Links to all my published articles are on the home page.
When I’m not writing or watching soccer I am in the weight room. I recently turned pro in the natural bodybuilding world and I am getting ready for my debut pro show.
I have been a vegetarian for 5 years, which has proven to be interesting as an athlete but it is a decision I am extremely happy to have made. I documented my journey here. I’m never going back to the dark side.
I also have my certification in Sports Nutrition from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and rep a few sports nutrition products to help me with bodybuilding and the certification is to help keep me up to date on advancements in nutrition when people ask me my advice.